Youth Art Workshop

Callie Matthews of Matthews Art Studio in North Little Rock hosted our second youth art workshop on Saturday 12/16/17. Participants from grades K-12 were able to create individual projects using paint and chalk. Younger students started by painting a gradation using their choice of cool or warm colors. After their canvases dried, they drew birds on a branch with chalk and then filled in their drawing with black paint to create a silhouette. The older students began with a prepared canvas and then drew their interpretation of a winter forest in chalk and then painted in their trees using various types of brushes and colors to achieve the desired wood grain.

Students were also able to play with smaller canvas squares while waiting for their paintings to dry. They were able to paint their own designs on the squares. Everyone had a lot of fun while learning and they are looking forward to the next workshop where they can continue to grow their technique and train their eyes to appreciate the work and skill that goes into creating original art.

Thanks to our generous sponsors we were able to provide this workshop at no cost to the participants. If you would like more information on our youth programs or would like to become involved as a volunteer or sponsor, please contact Sandra Ozaki at or by calling or texting 501-291-0230.

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